Yarn dev stuck at No errors found

I’m following the tutorial for buiding a new panel login but yarn dev is stuck at No errors found.
Grafana v9.2.2
Node v16.18.1

yarn run v1.22.19
$ webpack -w -c ./.config/webpack/webpack.config.ts --env development
<i> [LiveReloadPlugin] Live Reload listening on port 35729
assets by path *.md 169 bytes
  asset README.md 117 bytes [compared for emit] [from: README.md] [copied]
  asset CHANGELOG.md 52 bytes [compared for emit] [from: ../CHANGELOG.md] [copied]
asset module.js 16.3 KiB [compared for emit] (name: module)
asset LICENSE 11.1 KiB [compared for emit] [from: ../LICENSE] [copied]
asset img/logo.svg 1.55 KiB [compared for emit] [from: img/logo.svg] [copied]
asset plugin.json 809 bytes [emitted] [from: plugin.json] [copied]
cached modules 2.7 KiB (javascript) 937 bytes (runtime) [cached] 10 modules
webpack 5.75.0 compiled successfully in 1717 ms
Type-checking in progress...
assets by status 29.9 KiB [cached] 6 assets
cached modules 2.7 KiB (javascript) 937 bytes (runtime) [cached] 10 modules
webpack 5.75.0 compiled successfully in 561 ms
Type-checking in progress...
No errors found.

When I run yarn

yarn install v1.22.19
[1/5] Validating package.json...
[2/5] Resolving packages...
success Already up-to-date.
Done in 0.56s.

I’ve managed to run yarn dev succesfully by following the set of instruccions available at the grafana toolkit github repository.
According to this:

  1. npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:create my-grafana-plugin
  2. cd my-grafana-plugin
  3. yarn install
  4. yarn dev

However it appears that grafana/toolkit is going to be deprecated and the correct way to build plugins is to use grafana/create-plugin. Any ideas on how to solve my initiall problem with this tool?

I’ve also found this set of instructions from Grafana’s documentation that lists the following requirements to build plugins:

I’m not sure what set of instructions ends up being the correct. I’m trying them all but still struggling with the same issue. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hello! Thank you for opening this issue.

The new recommended way for building Grafana plugins is via the create-plugin tool, which has replaced grafana-toolkit (now deprecated). This is also what you will find on the instructions in the Grafana documentation.

No errors found after running yarn dev is not an error: yarn dev starts a process watching for file changes in your frontend plugin source code, and it will re-build the plugin when it detects a change.

No errors found simply means that there were no type-checking errors and in your case the plugin was built successfully.

If you make a change to the source code while yarn dev is running, it will re-build your plugin automatically. To stop it, press CTRL + C.

If you go into the dist folder, you should see the built plugin files, which will be re-built every time you make a change to your source code.

Those files can be used by Grafana to load your plugin. If you have Docker installed, you can run docker-compose up in your main plugin folder to start up a development Grafana instance with the plugin already installed. This development instance is then reachable on

Thank you, Giuseppe!
For some reason, in my case, the plugin wasn’t visible in Grafana until I signed it (after running yarn install and before yarn dev).