Node Modules Empty After yarn install

Dear all,

i have a problem updating to the latest version. I downloaded everything from git and run the

yarn install --immutable

Unfortunately the node_modules remains empty. I tried to run the npm install, but nothing happened.

I use the following versions:

yarn 3.1.0
node 16.13.1
npm 8.2.0


I don’t know what to do else.

Thank you for your help,
Best Regards,

sounds like you are running up against this, maybe?

if so, perhaps git pull to get the newest version of main and try again?

hi @tomschirgi :wave:

this is a side effect of the changes introduced to support yarn plug n play: Chore: Switch yarn 2 to plug-n-play strategy by kaydelaney · Pull Request #40300 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

as a result, there is no node_modules folder. instead, yarn maintains a global cache of all your dependencies to speed up install times.

you can read more about plug n play here: