No tabs visible


I often see tabs in documentation but on my installation I can’t see any of them in the following view:

I’m running on Grafana v6.3.5 (67bad72)

What I’m doing wrong?


Hello schischi! I just want to check if you are talking about these tabs (General, Metrics, Options,…):

If this is the case, you are definitely not doing anything wrong. You are not able to see them, as they are part of the older versions of Grafana.

You are currently on Grafana v6.3.5 and tabs view has been redesign to following view (the same as your print screen):

So instead of tabs, you can choose the section that you want to edit on the right and then scroll to find specific part that you want to edit.

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Thanks for your enlightenment!

Found lots of tutorials with the “old” view and asked me every time what I’m doing wrong :smiley:

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