"No data recorded" in Grafana load test

Hello, we are running K6 Grafana Load test on weekly basis using GitHub workflow that runs the script from our repository where we store .proto files for our gRPC API. From July 30th, all tests are running as usual, but there is no graph on the page in Grafana with perfomance test results:

However, the same test is shown on K6 page (not K6 Grafana page):

The script was not changed since the first launch, and the results are almost the same for every test that always lasts 41 minutes. Why this message “No data was recorded for this test run. Try to increase the duration of the test. Read more about test configurations in the docs.” is shown then? Everything was fine from test to test

Pls help investigate the issue🙏

Hey @mod_noise,
thanks for reporting this issue. We’re actively working on a fix for it.

I will let you know as soon as we have it released. If you are a Grafana k6 Cloud customer the next time you should be able to directly open a ticket where the response time is expected to be faster.

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