No data points when using zoom function

I have two servers running the same MySQL database setup with the same data stored.
On each database i have a version of Grafana running, one is version 7.1.3 the other is 7.0.3.
the dashboards on the 7.1.3 version is a clone from the 7.0.3.

there is no issue zooming in the 7.0.3 version, but the 7.1.3v fail to query data.

The time shift in the data is done by Grafana.
On the image of the 7.1.3v with zoom two data points queried both empty.

I have just changed to the same version 7.0.3 on both database. I still have the same issue.
I have looked in all conf files both for Grafana and MySQL and cant find any differences.

I tried to run the select statement :
SELECT Timestamp, value1, value2 FROM table WHERE Timestamp BETWEEN FROM_UNIXTIME(1597138540) and FROM_UNIXTIME(1597139495) ORDER BY Timestamp


| Timestamp | value1 | value2 |
| 2020-08-11 11:46:29.644 | NULL | NULL |
| 2020-08-11 11:46:29.899 | NULL | NULL |

that’s 2 hours of the unix time, but why? System and Grafana both run UTC?