No Data error - Grafana help


So how to i solve this no data issue? I have my querry set up as (A,5m,now). We want to monitor the data at that time from, not within an hour or longer. Unless I am not understanding how this query works. Could someone explain why the no data occurs? Is it related to my server influxdb not reading data, or communicaiton error between telegraf and influxdb in terms of transporting the data over that time frame?

Any help explaining this qould be appreciated!.

Show us the query. You mention also within an hour, does that mean that it does work if you use a longer time?


It does with longer times yes

I have not used that syntax. Are you absolutely certain there are some samples in that time with an average > 90?

when they are above 90, it should send alerts for us to clear the disk space. But they are currently not above 90 and throwing no data errors

As I understand it you have a query that returns data when it as above 90, so if it is not above 90 there will be no data.
Again, I haven’t used alerts (you did not mention alerts previously). I don’t know how to achieve what you want. Hopefully someone else will help.