Newbie: possible to connect points with horizontal lines?


setting my first steps in grafana, so sorry for my ignorance.
My first graph: power modulation of my boiler.

If you take a look at the green curve:

the points are connected directly with straight lines.
However, I want a graph were the last value is “maintained” until a next value appears. So this would be a horizontal line, to the next point on the x-axis
I draw this manually with the thick red line.

Is this possible with grafana?

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It is not possible to tell Grafana to insert points of its own.

As you can see, you can get Grafana to join one point to the next using a
straight line, but only once that “next point” exists.

Grafana will not guess what the next value is going to be - it waits until it
knows what it is, and then joins it to the previous one.

After all, suppose you had the values 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 5, 5, 4

What do you think Grafana should guess is the next value in the series?

Simple answer: it can’t, so until it knows whether the next number is 3, 4, 5
or whatever, it can’t do anything and doesn’t draw a line.



Hi @pooh,

Grafana does not have to guess the values,
It just like excel can interpret these data.

In your example this would become (1):

Connecting the points by a linear regression (2) is also an assumption, just like connecting them by a horizontal line (1). Both are legal assumptions. What I want is just a simple bar graph (1) instead of line graph (2)

It’s just a basic interpretation of numbers. It would be nice that grafana would have this capability too…


ok, found it:

You can use the following setting:

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