New Panel Plugin: Psychrometric Chart "Psychart"

Download link: Psychrometric Chart plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce my newest plugin to the Grafana community; Psychart: A Psychrometric Chart for Monitoring Data Center Health. A psychrometric chart displays several thermodynamic properties of air-vapor mixtures like temperature and humidity. Primarily these are used in HVAC applications but are sometimes used in meteorological applications or chemical process monitoring. I am introducing this to Grafana because of my team’s need for monitoring physical hardware as well as software. Most of our compute equipment is air-cooled and the air needs to be within a specific range, which can easily be visualized by using a psychrometric chart.

Chart Configuration:

The configuration interface is designed to be easy to use and in a logical order. First, select whether data is measured in US or SI units and then input the elevation of the data center in feet (US) or meters (SI). Leave the dry bulb range about 20-120F or 0-50C and maximum dew point as 90F or 40C to start. The ASHRAE comfort regions are shown in the screenshot below.

Data Configuration:

2 data series must be measured in order to “fix the state” and plot data. That means that the other thermodynamic properties can be calculated after only 2 properties are known. Choose the option of the 2 series measured and use the field drop downs to select them.

Display Configuration:

Psychart also allows you to change the point size, optionally connect points with a line, change the color gradient, and optionally show more advanced state variables when hovering the mouse over the points.

Sample screenshot of Psychart rendering inlet air properties for a compute cabinet. The darkened regions are recommended envelopes of air for various types of data centers and IT spaces which are defined by ASHRAE.

Let me know if you decide to use it, and if you have any questions!

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