New created organisation not show the allocated user dashboard fix it?

Hello grafana team here we crated one organisation and there one user[rox]& dashboard.

give the permission of the dashboard only rox user show the dashboard but there not show the dashboard of the allocated user.

In one user created that also assign dashboard show access permission after the login on rox user there not show any dashboard. we allocated dashboard not show there…

bug on new created organisation…


Same problem here. I have created new organization (x), under that new user (x), new team (x) and new Dashboard (x) and give Edit permissions to dashboard to this new team.

When I log in with user x I can not see any dashboards.
Does anybody have any ideas?


Just a guess but are you logged into the right organization? When you log in with the new user, you are probably logged into the Main Org and not in the newly created org. There is an org switcher at the bottom left:


Yes I am. currently user belongs only one organization and this user doesn’t have option to change organization.

Actually, problem seems to be that this organization doesn’t have dashboards at all. Even that i have created this and can see this when i am logged in as admin user.

Same here. It doesn’t seem to function in a logical way. I tried everything I can think of but the new user doens’t see a dashboard. I logged of/on the user after every change in admin and also restarted Grafana service serveral times.

The user is in the right organisation logged in.

Any ideas for this?
Have tried all I think. Nothing seems to bring dasboard visible to new users…Must be bug or something…

Every user can switch organization. As admin, can you check if there are multiple orgs. You can do this by clicking on the Server Admin option in the menu and looking at the orgs tab.

I’m having the exact same problem here (Grafana 5.2.4 on CentOS 7.5 x86_64).

Users are assigned to organisations via LDAP. New users do not have the “Switch” tab, just ‘Preferences’ and ‘Sign Out’, not even if they are members in multiple LDAP groups mapped to organisations.

The only local user (admin) can switch organisations.

auto_assign_org is set to ‘true’ in the configuration. Once I assign an organisation to a user the user is fully functional, just switching organisations doesn’t work.

Am I missing something?

I am also facing the same issue in Grafana 7.3.4 running in AWS ECS Container.

Created multiple organisation and added users with respective roles, When I tried to logout and login again roles organisation associated with respective users gone. Even I disabled Grafana Admin Privilege, Every time login back I see Admin access came back.

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Hello Everyone,
I’m also configuring Grafana with LDAP authentication and would like to have different organizations, where the users can be assigned to. Having many organizations is needed for Loki to allow each user to see their logs, meaning to see their datasource. When I login as me I don’t see the switch which allows me to switch between organizations. However, when I add the line to the ldap config file:

org_id = 3

where 3 is the organization which I created for myself
I can switch between main org and my org. The problem is that there are more people, who belong to the same group and each of them should see different organization. It is possible to have such configuration, but only for users created locally. For these ones, who needs to be authenticated with LDAP, the assignment to the particular organization disappear once they log in. Thus, this is the same issue which has been mentioned above by pete42 and ramprasath26 users.

The outstanding question: is this possible to have LDAP authentication and different organizations, where the LDAP users can be assigned to?

RHEL 7.9 + Grafana v7.5.7

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Still, Grafana Community people are not responding, Even I followed multiple times in the official Grafana Slack community no response.

I think it will work under Enterprise Grafana.

Hello Community,
does anyone can confirm that it’s possible to have different organizations for LDAP users in Enterprise version? I can talk to the management but I need to know this before they spend lots of money for this feature.

@rd178639 I’m not sure - you might be best off contacting the Grafana Enterprise sales team directly (there’s an option under Contact Us | Grafana Labs) - I imagine they’d be glad to look at your needs.

But AFAIK the option of assigning different LDAP users to different orgs is indeed not there in Grafana OSS

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Thanks @svetb, I did send the message to Grafana support and will let you know the answer once I get it.


Dear All,
yesterday I had a meeting with Grafana stuff. We were talking about LDAP auth and having separate organizations for each users. I explained why we need this (Loki) and they said there was another way to secure logs to be seen for the particular user only. You may want to be familiar with LBAC: This allows to create a separate data source and prevent others to see someone’s logs. Unfortunately it’s available in Enterprise version. I will be checking this soon to be able to deliver this solution.