Network Error: Bad Gateway(502) in mix datasource

I have grafana chart which usages “–Mixed–” datasource and add multiple queries using different datasource (all different influxdb ).

In case for a reason, one of the inflxudb datasource is down , I see error “Network Error: Bad Gateway(502)” on Grafana Chart and not able to see any of the working Datasource metrics.

Example -

datasources - DB1, DB2, DB3

now in single chart I have metrics for all 3 datasources and in case DB3 is down, then that chart shows error instead of showing rest active datasources DB1/DB2 metrics on that chart along with error.

Is there anyway to see at least active DB metrics in mixed metrics



Is there any solution to fix this ?

Mixed datasource is broken, see this report :

Thank you @hamelg for sharing it