Nested variables in repeated panels

I’m trying to use a nested variable to provide a second metric in a repeated panel, however setting the variable to “all” displays “all” rather than the variable based on the variable for this panel

Is there any way to display the value based on the first variable set on the panel?

Not sure what this means.

this dashboard uses nested variables & all:

I set 2 variables.

The panel repeats for VariableA, and i want to set the title of the panel as $VariableB
VariableB can only display its set value, and will display “All” as the title if the variable is set to All. However I wish to display the corresponding value of VariableA for the particular repeated panel

I have gotten around this by creating one variable for each value of VariableA, however this obviously creates issues when performing any maintenance. I have around 160 values for VariableA across three dashboards which means creating (and setting on each repeated panel individually) ~160 addition variables.

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