Nested notification policies arent working in 9.3.0

  • Nested notification policies are not working properly as excepted โ€“ we are not able to get alerts on multiple contact points/channels under one policy as referred in screenshot.
  • Support of Email alert notification is not working as excepted - Each time we get 4-5 Emails for single dashboard alert/resolve as referred in screenshot.

Hi @abyshrek. Welcome to the community.
Could you try sharing the referred screenshot again?

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Please find attached.

Hi @abyshrek
Are you able to confirm you have Continue matching subsequent sibling nodes enabled in those sibling nodes?

Also, which of the four contact points is the second screenshot (one showing the repeated alert emails) for?

Yes, I can confirm that it is enabled.

Multiple email notifications are being shot for all the channels. Before the upgrade, when we were running 8.3.0, it was done only once per alert. Can you also confirm if this is a bug in the 9.3.0 & will be addressed in future. We have tried with 9.3.1 as well & no success.

I tried the same policy structure in my Cloud instance. It worked for me. However, cloud instance is v9.3.2-67a213dc85 (67a213dc85). Maybe, update it one more time, just in case there was indeed a bug that was already fixed?

9.3.2 is unreleased as of date, so maybe I just need to wait for it - Ref - Releases ยท grafana/grafana ยท GitHub