Notification policies, multiple contract points

The current setup (Grafana 10.1.1):

A prometheus alert, which has a custom label (alertname = test ).
Default notification policy, group by alertname.
Nested policy with label , alertname = test, Continue matching subsequent sibling nodes enabled.

How can I achieve to send notification to both the Nested and the deafult policy?
I think according to the Grafana Documentation I have the correct setup, but it seems I cannot have it notifing both parties.
It is usually just firing in the default policy and not going further to the nested one.
I cannot see what is wrong and I have tried multiple things, as removing the group by in default , setting 2 labels (alertname, alertname1) in the rule and having the default one , and the nested the other one, have used override grouping, basicaly almost every possible combination.
Thing is I can’t even make it to send the notification only to the nested one.
Any help would be appreciated.

Create another nested policy for contact point used in default policy.

This is what I have done, a nested policy inside the default, with same label, alertname. Still does not work.

How it looks visually? Make sure you have Continue matching subsequent - you can preview routing from the alert (maybe newer version, I use 10.2), so you will see which NPs are matching your alert