Need to monitor open vpn connected users

We have to monitor open-vpn and create a dashboard for connected users and setup a threshold for users

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  • What are you trying to achieve?

  • How are you trying to achieve it?

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“We have to monitor open-vpn and create a dashboard for connected users and
setup a threshold for users”

What is it that you want to m,onitor about OpenVPN?

What specifically do you want to measure and have displayed?

What do you mean by “a threshold for users”?


In our open VPN we have some users, we need to create a dashboard for the users and It should show no of users in dashboard
we have to setup a threshold is
in the above step we are monitoring no of users, we have to setup one threshold value for no of users if its greater-than threshold that should trigger

So, am I correct in understanding that you want a dashboard which displays the
number of users currently connected to OpenVPN, and has an alert which
triggers something to happen if that number exceeds a specific threshold?


you are correct
and If it cross the threshold we need an alert also

So, is your question “how do I start creating a dashboard in Grafana?” or is
it “how do I measure the numbers of users on OpenVPN?”

Grafana documentation | Grafana documentation would be your starting point for the
first question, and /var/log/openvpn/openvpn-status.log should give you the
information for the second. There are Nagios service checks which may help
you to parse this file into simpler statistics if you need it (although sed and
wc should be able to do the job).

I’m not entirely certain if you’re asking for assistance with something else


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Hi @srinu452,

Welcome to the :grafana: community support forums !!

Well, Grafana alone will not help you to setup the Open VPN monitoring. You will need Prometheus OpenVPN Exporter as well.

You can check the following links as there are a few community-based OpenVPN Exporters e.g. this one and this too.

Also, found this very nice guide on how to setup all of this (using the 1st link);

Additionally, there is a pre-defined Dashboard available which you can also use and tweak it as per your requirements once you setup the Datasource in Grafana.

I hope this helps.

Yes, It might be helpful for me, with installation and configuration of open VPN exporter

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We did configuration, It is showing metrics also but In grafana dashboard The server IP is not showing, Is there anything to do @usmanahmad ,@pooh

Hi @srinu452,

It is hard for me to troubleshoot as I did not use it before and also do not have a VPN to test it out.

However, I suggest that you share some more information e.g. screenshots etc. so that other community members might be able to able you out.

It is a wild guess but check the IP parameter either in the query or variables inside grafana where it might be more clear.

Importing the dashboard should pick it up based on the correctly configured datasource so not sure why it does not work that way.