Need to alert configuration in k8s worker node

I am trying to set an alert in k8s worker node for disk usage and cpu usage i was trying to use some grafana template but i got an error “Template variables will not support for queries”

So I was using below metrics for DISK and CPU utilization i can able to see the size for all nodes in graph and I am able to set an alert but not for specific node when i created an alert and tested by giving a low value it send all the nodes how can i get the alert for specific node.

Disk metric:-100 - ((node_filesystem_avail_bytes{mountpoint="/",fstype!=“rootfs”} * 100) / node_filesystem_size_bytes{mountpoint="/",fstype!=“rootfs”})

CPU metric:-avg by (instance,mode) (irate(node_cpu_seconds_total{mode!=‘idle’}[1m]))

Please help how to get an alert for specific node