Need help with custom thresholds

I see that it is possible to make some custom thresholds in k6. Is it possible to make such thresholds that will abort the test if the rps of the script stops increasing? For example, vus could not generate more rps at some stage of the test, and this is a certain limit, and therefore an abortion of the test?
Or p95 response time of the group out of limit within, some time, 10 minutes for example. Something like that - p95 response time of the group has exceeded and we fix this moment, and after 10 minutes, if p95 has not fallen below the specified value, then abort the test.
It is possible?
Thanks for your advices.

Hi @volfagnt

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I discussed this with @mstoykov and we don’t think there is anything k6 can do in this case.

Thresholds are for the whole execution only. If you have stages that are tagging the requests and those were 10 minutes long, you could check that for a given stage the rps value, but not compare them.

This can be calculated in something like Grafana if the metric is sent to a data storage like Prometheus, InfluxDb, etc. However, you’d still need to stop the test based on the values you see in Grafana.

k6 cloud has a performance insight to tell you that the “VUs were increased but the RPS did not increase or it did not increase “linearly” with the number of VUs”.

For the need to stop the test if the rate is not reachable at some point, k6 outputs a warning in the logs:

WARN[0000] Insufficient VUs, reached 100 active VUs and cannot initialize more  executor=constant-arrival-rate scenario=test

However, it does not stop the test. That might be something interesting to add, the option to stop the test under some circumstances. Maybe you can open an issue in GitHub - grafana/k6: A modern load testing tool, using Go and JavaScript - describing the need?

Thanks for raising this questions.


Thanks for answering.
Can k6 connect to influxdb from script, and execute select, maybe we can select queries from influxdb and compare results, and abort test if condition not what we expected?
I know k6 can send output data to influx from a box, what about select?

Hi @volfagnt

Querying Influxdb is not supported in k6 core. You could attempt to query influxdb using the API, and based on the results stop the test with test.abort([String]).

@mstoykov mentioned he will write an issue with the idea behind external thresholds, which might help, even though might take a different direction. We’ll post it here once written and we’d appreciate your feedback.