Need help in grafana

I need help on below point, Can anyone help ?.

  1. I was trying to uninstall & downgrade the grafana from V9 to V8 but it is not working, How can I achieve this ?.
  2. I have created dashboard for instance CPU & Memory metrics, How to create alert rule for my dashboard panel in grafana V9 version ?


So do you want to downgrade to v8 if so #2 is no longer valid right?
What os have you install grafana 9 in and how are you trying to downgrade ?

I have fresh ubuntu:22 machine and i installed grafana-9 on that.
I do not know how to create alerts and add notification channel on grafana-9 so i was trying to downgrade it to grafana-8.

I was tying to downgrade via uninstalling grafana-9 and then installing grafana-7 or 8 again.