Need help adding integration home assistant to grafana agent

I am currently struggling with adding the homeassistant integration to grafana-agent and would appreciate if someone could help me!

Here is my setup:
home assistant and grafana agent are both running in a k3s (v1.23.3+k3s1). Prometheus is successfully scraping the home assistant metrics and curling them with curl http://<EXTERNAL IP>:8123/api/prometheus -H 'Authorization: Bearer <BEARER TOKEN' is also successful, so I guess it is not a token issue.

I used the “grafana-easystart-app/kubernetes” way of installing a

My grafana-agent has the following configmap:

  name: grafana-agent
  namespace: monitoring
apiVersion: v1
  agent.yaml: |    
      http_listen_port: 12345
        enabled: true
        - job_name: integrations/hass
          metrics_path: /api/prometheus
          bearer_token: "<TOKEN>"
          scheme: https
            - targets: ['<EXTERNAL IP>:8123']

I have already tried the following:
changing the External IP to

  1. namespace.servicename
  2. service-ip

Changing the bearer_token to:

  1. “”
  2. ‘’

So far nothing has worked and the status of the job integrations/hass stays at 0.

Implementing it via prometheus “remote_write” seems to work. However, I would like the grafana agent to work aswell.

Any tips or anything I am missing here?

Thanks in advance!


The Grafana Agent needs to use remote_write to send data back to Grafana Cloud’s Prometheus backend.

thanks for the answer. I believe I do not really get your answer. In general, metrics are received at the grafana clouds prometheus backend. Simply, the home assistant integration does not seem to work…