Need Guidance on Implementing Dynamic Dashboards with Grafana

Hello there,

As I’m currently working on a project where I need to create dynamic dashboards using Grafana, but I’m facing some challenges and would greatly appreciate some guidance.

Specifically, I’m looking to implement a dashboard that can adapt to changing data sources and parameters. My goal is to build a flexible system where users can select different data sources and adjust various parameters to visualize the data in real-time.

I’ve done some research and found some resources on templating and variables in Grafana, but I’m struggling to put everything together in a cohesive manner.

If anyone has experience with building dynamic dashboards or utilizing advanced features of Grafana to achieve similar functionality, I would love to hear your insights. Any tips, best practices, or examples you can provide would be incredibly helpful.

Additionally, if there are any plugins or external tools that integrate well with Grafana and can aid in creating dynamic dashboards, I’m open to suggestions.

Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou in advance.

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@elija6266 Take a look at the Grafan Scenes

Creating dynamic dashboards in Grafana can be a powerful way to visualize data in real-time. I’ve had some experience with similar projects, and I’d be happy to offer some guidance.

When it comes to implementing dashboards that adapt to changing data sources and parameters, leveraging Grafana’s templating and variable features is key. It’s great that you’ve already done some research on this!

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