Navigating to another dashboard through external data links pointing to field name

Hi Guys,
I have created stacked bar graph by configuring postgres as datasource.

I’m trying to drill down from parent dashboard to child dashboard.
In parent dashboard provided the external data links. In the data link, I have provided the value as ${}.

So, Whenever I try to click on any field in the stacked bar graph, it navigates to dashboard with url as below:

Here ‘abcdefg’ is the field name value in the stacked bar. Similarly there are many fields for each bar. But it throws error like ‘Page not found’. Then I have explored and found the dashboards need to be exists.

Since I’m to trying to navigate based upon the selected field dynamically, unable to find the way to create the dashboard which has the above url and also unable to get the field name value from the url.

If I create new dashboard if comes with below url:

Here ‘df-pueubvuebv’ is some random arbitrary value is getting included in the URL.

Since, I am not sure on how many fields would come for each bar, meaning it is dynamic based upon data. I cannot go and create new dashboard for each and every field.

Rather I would like navigate to the child dashboard by clicking on any field. The field name value (for example: ‘abcdefg’) should be the input for the child dashboard query.

I’m exploring much on it, but no luck yet.

Can anyone help me out here?


Did you get any solution for this? I am having same issue