MySQL version compatibility with Grafana using Python script to integrate

Hi All,

I am trying to integrate Grafana 6.5.2v with MySQL 8v.

The data is getting populated within MySQL database using Python 3.7 scripts.

I granted all the required permissions to Grafana to access my database. But I am unable to plot the graphs(No Data is getting displayed even in tabular form).

Can anyone please help me whether MySQL 8 is supported by Grafana, If so where am I going wrong.

If Grafana doesn’t support MySQL 8 then please help with the compatible version of MySQL.

Kushal M

What does the Query Inspector tell you is coming back from MySQL in response
to Grafana’s query?

Also, telling us what fields you have in the database, what sort of data it is,
and what query you are using, would help us to understand your setup.


Hi Antony,

The Query Inspector is not throwing any exceptions/error. But it is not fetching data from the Database(mysql 8.0.1).

I have timestamp, server_name, metrics and value fields in database.

I am trying to plot timeseries graph using timestamp and value fields. Query is executing without any error but no data is being fetched from the DB.

Kushal M