Am doing Grafana 5.7 to Grafana MYsql 8.0 upgrade done via aws blue green env

when i try to setup the Grafana dashboard by adding MySQL8.0 DB . i provide detils like end point and name user and password for connection but it shows error .Please find error detils below User Permission

The database user should only be granted SELECT permissions on the specified database & tables you want to query. Grafana does not validate that queries are safe so queries can contain any SQL statement. For example, statements like USE otherdb; and DROP TABLE user; would be executed. To protect against this we Highly recommmend you create a specific MySQL user with restricted permissions. Checkout the MySQL Data Source Docs for more information.

db query error: query failed - please inspect Grafana server log for details.
please support to resolve the issue

Please share what grafana log says