MySQL proxy access


I’m currently building dashboards using Influx DB & Elastic Search where it supports the use of proxy access for queries and I’m wondering if there is any planned work/intention to add this functionality to MySQL in the near future?


Not sure what you’re asking for, all access to MySQL is proxied through the Grafana server since it’s not an HTTP protocol.

Thanks for the reply dcech,

When I access Influx DB for data I can set the access to go through the proxy as shown below but when I used the MySQL datasource it doesn’t have this option.

From this it seems like I have to make a direct connection from the client side browser/grafana dashboard to the server that is storing the MySQL db whereas I’m able to pass the Influx db query requests through the grafana proxy.

If I’m missing something or my understanding is wrong let me know.

Thanks for the help.


There is no option provided for MySQL because it only works via the server, your browser cannot connect directly to MySQL.