Mysql: can't read others value than just float

Hi, I have a mysql database and I’ve noticed that in a simple graph I can only display float numbers. My table alse contain smallInt, tinyint, integer numbers. How can I display them? I always get “convert value to float failed: metricIndex 1 type can’t be converted to float”


Same issue here. This only happens since I upgraded from 7.5 to 8.0 though

Edit: I tried to add a cast(value as float) in the MySQL Query. That resolves the mentioned error but gives a new error about something needs to be sorted as time series. Unfortunately I didn’t copy the exact error message before rolling back. If required I could set up some test env with Grafana 8 and report the exact error again.

It’s really a strange behavior, that doesn’t act always in the same way. In same case I was able to solve just switching from series to table, than back to series; some others time forcing CONVERT(VALUE, INTEGER). In some panels, after the data have been read, deleting CONVERT(VALUE, INTEGER), data are still loaded correctly …

Hi @donatod and @noelzen,

If this is a behavior that suddenly appeared after upgrading to 8.0, then I would suggest making an issue in the github repo and linking to this thread.

I opened an issue Mysql can’t read others value than just float · Issue #36145 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

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