Multiple query label formatting

Good morning! I need help changing a label when I have multiple queries in the same panel. I did quite a bit of searching but had a hard time because I’m not sure what the actual term is for these “labels” that I’m trying to change.
I’ve created a panel that has multiple queries (currently two but I plan to add more) which give me a drop down to select which query I want to display on the dashboard. The labels in this drop down are exactly the same and I can’t edit them anywhere that I’ve found. I tried changing the display name (see second picture) but that didn’t work. Any help would be appreciated. I’m on Grafana 9.3.2.

So I half figured this out. I was able to get an override to work, but it shows the label multiple times. Can I just have it display once?

Actually this solution doesn’t work, now all the column titles say “Hue” or “S3” respectively. So I can’t use this method. Back to the drawing board.