Multiple metric tables with OpenTSDB

I’m trying to create a table in which 2 different metrics are reported for a set of hosts. I an structuring the query so as to ensure that there is a single value per metric per host – such as by doing 3h-avg on a 3h query span. So, if I wanted metric1 and metric2 for host1, host2, and host3, I’d like it to be displayed as:

Host        metric1        metric2
host1       123             321
host2       234             432
host3       345             543

I know that the TS in OpenTSDB is “time series”, so this may be problematic, but I’m often surprised at what’s possible. Is this? Thanks in advance.

don’t think this is possible with OpenTSDB and Grafana table panel right now

I understand that there are less-documented plugins that don’t necessarily appear in the standard lists… are there any that might be helpful for this?

i have the same issue but with Elasticsearch. i.e. i want the table to show multiple metrics