Multiple host for single matrix in one graph but not getting the right graph

Hello All,
first of all, Thank you for reading this, I am very new to grafana, i have downloaded few pre json graph for prometheus and grafana, but i am having trouble to get understand how can i make same or multiple matrix for different server into one graph.
I am using Query
sum by (mode)(irate(node_cpu{mode=‘idle’,job=‘CPANEL’}[5m]))
sum by (mode)(irate(node_cpu{mode=‘idle’,job=‘SVN’}[5m]))

but when the graph is creating, although i am getting the right values but one graph starting with 100% and 2nd one starting with 50%,

how can i make both values as true value in the graph ?
Thanks for your help, really appreciated .

Please see the picture

Sorry can’t understand your question, what is wrong with the graph?

Hi Torkel,
Sorry for the late reply.
if you look at the graph , there are 2 servers, and it monitoring idel time, both of them has same idle time but one graph value starting from 100% and 2nd one starting from 50%

why both not starting from 100% ?
Thanks for the help

let me try to put more explanation
if you look at the graph and the values under it, you will see
Yellow stack is for SVN
Green Stack is for Cpanel.

now they both has almost same idle time but SVN graph starting from 100%, where Cpanel graph (Green) starting from 50%,
should not they both start from same ? or is this because i using stack graph?

Hi @grafana1,

If you use stacked graphs, maybe you want to uncheck the percentaje option, bellow the stacked mark.

I created another graph , with Stack its works. but i think the problem is if i set 100% for Y Axex the graph give 2 different value.

let me play arround a litle bit i will come back

If you stack series then they stack. 50% + 50% = 100% last time I checked so one series is going to be 50% the other 100%