Multiple data points when using push/influx/write endpoint

I’m trying to use the HTTP Metrics integration type and am pushing the example metric from the configuration details using curl:


curl -X  POST -H  "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY" -H  "Content-Type: text/plain" "$URL" -d "test,bar_label=abc,source=grafana_cloud_docs metric=35.2"

However when I view that metric in the Explore panel in Grafana it always shows as five or six datapoints, all with different timestamps. Why is that?

Welcome @swandog

I am confused. Is your data in InfluxDB or Prometheus? Your screenshot seems to indicate that you have selected Prometheus as the datasource.

My data is just this string “test,bar_label=abc,source=grafana_cloud_docs metric=35.2” that I’m posting through curl. I’m basically looking at this tutorial and sending Influx data, Push metrics from Influx Telegraf to Prometheus | Grafana Cloud documentation