Multipe lines in timeseries using AWS Timestream


I am using AWS Timestream as a datasource.
My data structure looks like this:

Currently I add multiple queries like this:
SELECT sensor_id, time, measure_value::double FROM "sensordb"."mytable" WHERE sensor_id = '28-011921d74ee8' AND "measure_value::varchar" IS NULL

How can I draw multiple lines with only one sql statement? (Is this possible with AWS Timestream?)

Thank you


Can you try this transformation?

Where can I find this option? I clicked on transform. Not sure where to look?

Thank you for the fast reply!

Use the typeahead feature and start
typing prepare time ot scroll down

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Thank you so much! I was working on this for several hours …

Is it possible to set for each “sensor_id” a predifed color and rename them?

Was your problem solved fir the 1st question? If so please mark the answer as solution and post a new question in a new thread?

Yes thank you so much and excuse me for asking a second question.

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