How to change the color of a line (No threshold) and the corresponding label


I use AWS Timestream as a datasource and want to plot two lines. I also want to create a personal label for each line.

  1. How can I change the names of the labels. For example one could be “Hot water” and the other "Cold water)
  2. How can I make the green line to be always completely red and the other blue? (No thresholds just a static color for each line)

Currently I use the “Prepare time series” => “Multi-frame time series” Transform to device my query in two lines.

SELECT time, "measure_value::double" as value, sensor_id
FROM "sensordb"."ruesselsheim" 
WHERE "measure_value::varchar" IS NULL and 
sensor_id in (

I solved one part of the question. Just click in the legend on the color and you can choose the color you want. (This was to easy).

Only number 1 is left now :slight_smile:

I also solved how to rename the name.

Use “+ Add Field Override” => “Fields with name”: Select your field => “Display Name” write here how you want to all it.