Multi-dimensional alerts do not work with queries from 2 data sources?

I have query A and B, each from different databases, grouped by the strategy tag (each measurement of the query has the strategy tag).

Then, queries C and D reduce the datapoints and E adds them and compares to a boolean.

Screenshot shows the preview. I hid the strategy values but the D query has 8 values whereas C query shows 7. One of the values from D query does not appear in C query. Grafana correctly parses the alerts in preview mode and creates 7 individual alerts.

But when I save, Grafana only shows one alert and does not seem to treat the high-level alert individually. Alert is also in pending state constantly for some reason.

Hi @ara3

It might be helpful to know your data source, a redacted version of your queries , and the for period (how long the alert should be in pending status once the condition is met).

Thank you!

Thanks for your comment! Here are the queries:

And the time configs:


Hey folks, are there updates on this?

Thank you for the details @ara3

I’ve gotten feedback from the team. The alert rule looks good and the issuse might be related to the math expression working with different sized dimensions.

However, to further investigate we would need to have an example that we can reproduce from our end (perhaps you could share a repository that we can clone and reproduce the same scenario, or get a free tier stack for testing)

Thanks for letting me know.

I don’t think I’ll have the bandwidth to reproduce the bug in a shareable way. If your team is able to fix it, it would be appreciated but, otherwise, I won’t be able to prioritize it at this time.

Hello, please let us know if there are updates on this so we set up the alert in another way. Thank you!