MS SQL Query Builder not Listing Database Views

Would it be possible to list in MS SQL Query Builder (in Tables drop-down menu) also database views? We have a lot of views in our database with human readable names and we see only encoded table names which are not understandable for us.

Thank you

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Could you please post an imahe of what you mean?

By view I mean
[M3255322] as [timestamp],
[SM432334] as [pressure_01],
[M3f332284] as [temperature_01]
FROM raw_data_table
and this view is not listed in this Table drop-down menu:

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is this some sort of a plugin? or something out of the box in grafana cloud?

It is MSSQL datasource for Grafana Microsoft SQL Server | Grafana documentation

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Hi @stepanurban,

Can you please open an issue in the grafana repository? This way we could track it properly and see if others are also looking forward to this.

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Sure, here is the link MS SQL Query Builder Views · Discussion #57598 · grafana/grafana · GitHub