Move the decimal place of Killowatthours?


a simple Question, i have Data from my Powermeter in the right Format.

e.g. 14600.8 KwH

If i add these to Grafana and use the Unit KwH Killowatthour it changes the decimal Place and the Unit to MwH Megawatthours
Unit KwH:
Is shown as 14,6 MwH

If i use Watthours the decimal place is on the wrong position.
Unit WH:
14.600 KwH

Can i manually override these decimal Place ?

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Hi @starfoxfs,
If I assumed correctly, you want to show values with MWh unit but with more decimals?

Real value from powermeter: 14600.8
Desired value: 14.6008 Mwh ?

Here is a picture where I have 3 identical queries but they differ in unit and number of decimals:

A query shows real numbers (like the they are stored in database
B query shows numbers in MWh because with unit we told Grafana “Hey, my numbers are always in kWh and change unit accordingly”.
C query is same as B but we allowed 3 decimal numbers

Best regards,

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Hi Idrascic,

No, unfortunately that’s not my plan. I just want to move the dot to the decimal place. It works if I just put in the custom label “kWh” instead of the unit kWh electric (calculated), because then the unit isn’t calculated. With a calculated unit, I can’t seem to move the point of the decimal place, I can only specify the decimal places after the point or change the unit.