Move dashboard to another folder using API

Hi, I need to move the already imported dashboard to another folder through Grafana API. I haven’t found any possible solutions in Folder API and tried to update Dashboard through Dashboard API with setting folderId property, but I got 412 response code(version-mismatch) when trying to do that(overwrite flag is set to false). I also tried to achieve that with setting overwrite flag to true but instead of moving it just overwriting existing dashboard with clean one.

Grafana version: 6.5.2
Request body that i used to move the dashboard:
{ "dashboard": { "id": null, "uid": "7fh5OHdWa", "title": "JVM Metrics" }, "folderId": 24, "version": 1, "overwrite": false }

So can i move the dashboard with API without specifying it’s full JSON structure?

Why you need without specifying it’s full JSON structure condition?