More info about Loki Migrate tool

Any chance I can get more detailed instruction on how to run Loki migration tool?

Currently trying to move Loki chunks data from filesystem to an s3 bucket. I also enabled multi-tenancy and must change tenant_id from “fake” to something else.
Is it supposed to run in the same namespace as loki? does it require the same permissions?, can it push files to s3 bucket? does it require same volume mounts? etc
Thanks in advance

Couple of recommendations:

  1. As you’ve probably seen from the README, that particular script isn’t well tested. Therefore I would recommend you to not migrate, but instead configure two chunk store and send future logs to S3. Then you can decommission the file system setup after your retention period is up (hopefully it’s not a very long retention).

  2. I would recommend you to enable multi-tenancy before or after the chunk storage migration or change, so you have less things to worry about. Once you enable multi-tenancy, the tenant_id directory on the chunk store is created for you according to the tenant_id you send to Loki while sending logs.

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