Month over Month time shift issue

Hello Grafana Jedi Knights,

I use Grafana 8.0.1 and trying to build Month over Month report on one page.

The idea is to select one full month and as well as selected month, get the previous month data on the same page as well, for comparison reasons.

I built two TimeSeries panels:

  1. Panel from the right - reflects the data related to the selected period
  2. Panel from the left - built using timeshift - 1 Month (1M)

When I select time range for the full month of 31 days everything works perfecly and I see the whole previous month on the left panel. Please check March-February example below.

But I am experiencing the issue when I select full month which is less then 31 days (30, 29 or 28). In this case panel from the left reflects only range which is equal to selected range number of days. For example if I select an April, only 30 days will be selected in March, instead of 31 days. Please check screenshot below.

I would appreciate any help to solve the issue, even if it will be a bit “hackish” :wink:

Yours sincerely,

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