Monitor machines status on a dashboard

Hello guys! this is my first post and I’m very new at all this, so if I’m very lost and you know a good place to keep learning, please share :slight_smile:
I’m working on a very simple monitor system for several machines on a factory using Grafana 8.5.15.
The objective is to get the last status that every machine publish and i retrieve through a lucene query to a TS-event server and create something like a polystat or a status panel, or even one panel for every machine.
So after organizing the fields and take out everything I don’t need from the table, I get to the three things i guess i need:
Time stamp | machine | status
this status are mainly this ones: Resetting, Idle, Executing, Aborted.
Now is where i get lost, i have had luck before that barely anything i have done has been very easy, but i can’t get my head straight into the process i should follow to get the status panel or the polystat to show what i want. Can you guys help me with this or point me out where to look? i have read the status panel Overview, but i didn’t catch exactly what to do. thanks!