Mongo DB Datasource

I would like to add mongo db as a datasource our grafana account. This will allow us to visualize the data from mongo. I can’t seem to find a direct solution. Is this supported? I saw something about the simple json datasource but that would require me to export the json from mongo and then insert it as a data source for grafana which is redundant.

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There is currently no support for MongoDB as a data source and no plugin is being worked on by the community as far as I know. It would be totally possible but it is not on the Grafana team’s current roadmap.

Hello daniellee, it’s possible to integrate this feature in a next release ?

@aikon you should do a PR with that plugin

Would definitely love to have the mongodb as a datasource in grafana.

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Come on Grafana! It’s ridiculous to do not support NoSQL databases nowadays!

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Well, they finally did it, but it’s available only as an enterprise plugin with subscription. That hurt.