Modifying native plugin

Hello! I would like to modify the native PostgreSQL to include some better default options that fit my neds et cetera.

My original was to simply copy the original postgresql plugin into the plugin directory, rename it and do the changes I want. Sadly this does not seem to work (when selecting the new plugin it looks for module.js but can not find it). I assume I have to compile the typescript to javascript somehow. What would be the proper setup for to make this work properly?

Hi! I have the same issue with the InfluxDB plugin. I would like to modify it but there is no source code with the packge.json file in order to download all the dependencies an build the typescript code.

Does anyone know where I can get the source code with the packge.json, webpack … etc for a native plugin or at least InfluxDB plugin?


Hello there, natives panels are imported in public/app/features/plugins/built_in_plugins.ts
I guess you should do the same with your modified version of the plugin.

And don’t forget to change to the id in the plugin.json file. I never tried that but it should work