modified by modifying grafana DB

I want to batch update the evaluate every in alert, for example, from 1m to 2m. I try to directly modify the column:settings in the data table alert in MySQL (my dB in grafana is MySQL), but it doesn’t take effect. Can I update alert by modifying the table in DB? Or is there any other way for me to update alert in batches?

what version of grafana are you using and what alerting platform? The legacy alerting platform is now deprecated. Have you considered using the new Unified Alerting platform in Grafana 9?

blog post: Grafana Alerting: Explore our latest updates in Grafana 9 | Grafana Labs
new docs: Alerting | Grafana documentation
how to migrate: Upgrade to Grafana Alerting | Grafana documentation

also: Here are the newest stable API endpoints for provisioning Grafana alerts: