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I am making my first steps with Grafana. I am sorry if I ask for simple or obvious things. just need some help.

Grafana is used for confectionery production monitoring. I have at the moment a single dashboard, with many graphs. It is good to use for PC. Would like to have the mobile view in Kiosk mode or a simple scroll down web page, that i can not mess up by dragging the panels or opening menus.

Can I create a copy of a dashboard and modify the the copy so that it would be good to look in mobile devices. Like all the panels are like shortcuts to the main dashboard. If I edit the main dashboard, the mobile view will show the changes. My PC view is in 2 columns. The mobile dashboard I would like to have same graphs, but single column.

I would like to create many “templates” and then create different dashboards with those templates.

Yeah you can create copy of this dashboard. For that you can follow two steps. Export Dashboard or copy json file and open another dashboard paste json file in it and at the end of json file you can search dashboard name and change it. Second way is that make this dashboard uneditable from the settings and then make it editable from setting it will create a copy for this dashboard. so you can easily use it.

I created a new dashboard. Copied the json from an existing dashboard to a new dashboard. Before saving I changed the name of the dashboard inside the json code, to avoid any issues. After changing all the panels in new dashboard, I realised, that tho old no longer existed :frowning:

Follow these steps.

  1. Make your dashboard un-editable.
    click on setting button of dashboard and disable editable. See below mentioned screen right now this dashboard is in editable state.

after saving it. refresh your browser.

Now try to edit your dashboard you will not be able to edit it.

  1. Now again click on setting button you will see this screen

  1. Click on editable button

  2. Click on save button you will see this screen. so its up-to you save copy of dashboard in general folder or in any other folder .

I think now your issue will be resolved . Do let me know if you have any other issue.

Step 3 image

step 4 image

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Thank You it worked this way!

Takes some time, to understand the logic behind.

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Good to know. Now you can close this topic.