Mixed update intervals / frequency?


I have a dashboard with 24 Singlestat panels and 5 Graph panels.

They have widely varying time periods, ranging from “current value now”, through “last hour” and “last 24 hours” to “last 28 days”.

I want to have the refresh interval for the “now” values (of which there are only three panels) as short as possible (1 second would be good), but I don’t want every panel on the dashboard to update every second (once a minute would be fine for most of them), since this creates significant load for the browser.

Is there some way I can set the refresh rate for a panel in the same way I can set the time range, instead of having the same update rate across the entire dashboard?

If this is not possible, I propose it as a feature request.



Currently there is no way to achieve this, I think it is a good feature.
You can create an issue on github