Missing panel reference ID

Hello, I’m developing a custom grafana panel and when I’m using this panel (by installing it locally in my grafana) in dashboard I have error notification Missing panel reference ID. Can someone help me figuring out what’s the case there? I guess it can be related with JSON model Id naming convention, I could find there that the panel id should follow “Grafana naming convention” but I cannot find grafana naming convention anywhere. My panel id is for now testplugin-testplugin-panel.

Can someone help me with this case?
Thanks a lot!

@adamhowaniec Naming convention can be found in the schema file


"id": {
      "type": "string",
      "description": "Unique name of the plugin. If the plugin is published on grafana.com, then the plugin `id` has to follow the naming conventions.",
      "pattern": "^[0-9a-z]+\\-([0-9a-z]+\\-)?(app|panel|datasource|secretsmanager)$"

I would suggest to double check your plugin.json and compare with the configuration you got from the plugin-tools.

It turned out that I was missing org name in my panel id. Now it works and shows no errors. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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@adamhowaniec If you use VSCode, it validates plugin.json against schema and displays this kind of issues when editing.