Minio External image storage error

Error logged:
t=2020-09-21T19:18:50-0400 lvl=eror msg=“Failed to render and upload alert panel image.” logger=alerting.notifier ruleId=4 error=“RequestError: send request failed\ncaused by: Put “”: dial tcp: lookup FQDN on :53: no such host”

External image used is on-premise minio.

Has change: been added to v7.1.5?
If it has, can someone point me to examples where I can check against my configuration?
Have read the config document but no luck in getting to work.


Configuration for above.

endpoint =
path_style_access = /grafana
bucket = grafana
region = us-east-1
path = images
bucket_url = /grafana
access_key =
secret_key =

Please note: specified URL into FQDN to bypass newuser limit for links.