Mimir, port 9000 missing


I’m currently testing Grafana Mimir, and I installed it with .deb package. However, I’m basically following the tutorial described at Play with Mimir | Grafana Labs.

The tutorial instructs accessing the resources through port 9000, but this port wasn’t opened by Mimir.

A ‘netstat -ntpl’ on my machine shows Mimir utilizing port 9009 and 9095, so I can’t access addresses like “http://localhost:9000/alerting/list”.

Is there anything specific I need to do regarding this? How do I access the datasource and alerting?

Thank you.

Hi @alexander1001

All the containers are up and running?
Is there any error in the Grafana container logs that you can share?
If I am right the port 9000 is supposed to be used by the Grafana instance.

Hy, thank you for answer.

The environment in which I am testing differs from the tutorial environment. I installed Prometheus, Grafana-Mimir, and Grafana-Server on a machine using .deb packages. Now I am trying to configure access to Mimir and Grafana resources to generate alerts and dashboards, but Mimir is not using port 9000.

Will there be a lot of difference to use it outside the Docker environment?


I got it! I saw now that you are not using the docker-compose to set up the environment.
The port 9000 in the tutorial was just a mapping from port 3000.

About the ports, by default, Grafana exposes port 3000 and Mimir 9009.
I recommend you start by checking the status of your Grafana instance.
The docs can help to understand better:

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Thank you for reply.

I can access Grafana on port 3000 and configure its datasource by accessing port 9009 (Mimir).

However, I have another question.

My environment consists of Prometheus, Mimir, and Grafana Enterprise. Currently, Prometheus sends data to Mimir (as far as I understand), and Grafana then uses Mimir as a datasource. Regarding alerts, is it better to configure them in Grafana or should I use Alertmanager?

This choice is up to you (and your scenario, alert complexity, and other requirements).
If you are already migrating to the Grafana ecosystem (with Loki, Mimir) it may make more sense to set up on Grafana.
A blog post with a comparison between the two options: Grafana Alerting Vs AlertManager: A Comparison Of Two Leading Monitoring Tools