Migration from grafana 7.4.2. to 7.4.3


I have in production server using grafana with sqlite3 db. It’s version is 7.4.2. I am making new server, so I installed new grafana(7.4.3) and copy existing database to that server but it doesn’t work. What do I need to alter in existing 7.4.2 database to work also with version 7.4.3? Than I would like to migrate this data to propper mysql database. What would you suggest?

Thank you for reply


I looked into logs and it writes this:
“SQLite database file has broader permissions than it should”
Do you know what permissions should SQLite DB have?

I found in sources that sqlite3 file should have permissions 0640. I changed it and now It gets stucked during db migration. But good now are that previous message isn’t displayed.

There were only problems with permissons.
So the file /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db must have 0640 permissions and must be owned by grafana user and grafana group.

Now I will try to migrate to MariaDB and write it here.