Message Template for only new firing/resolved alerts

I’m looking to create a message template for a contact point connected to Slack. Most messaging template examples include a line such as {{ range . }} to loop through existing alerts and print out various attributes. I would like to be able to publish an alert message for only newly firing or resolved alerts.

Alerts at my organization will not be quickly resolved. Therefore, looping through a range of alerts will include alerts that have already been in a firing state for some time. For example, if one of four alerts is resolved, the message will print:

[firing] Test1
[firing] Test3
[firing] Test2
[resolved] Test4

If alert #4 triggers again, the message will print

[firing] Test1
[firing] Test3
[firing] Test2
[firing] Test4

I do not want messages 1-3 to be included if they have not changed alerting states.

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I’m afraid this is not supported on purpose. The main reason for this is that it should be possible to get a complete understanding of the state of an alert group from the most recent notification. If “old”, but still firing, alerts are excluded from notifications then this no longer becomes possible.

Can you recommend any ways to make this efficient for my organization? While I used 4 alerts in my example, in reality, we will often have 25-50 alerts firing at any given time. Would there be any way to use grouping to make these messages less cluttered and tedious?

How are you grouping the alerts today?

I am not using groupings today.

If that’s the case (grouping disabled) then you should be getting a separate notification for each alert?

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