Mean function vs Stddev function

I’ve been tasked with adding a graph to one of my company 's dashboards. Then new graph is a copy of an existing query. With one displaying Standard deviation and another showing mean. When I display min and max values on the two graphs different values are returned. I have not found documentation explaining the difference. Can someone offer help or a link?

Give us some clues here:

  1. What’s the existing query?

  2. How have you tried to add standard deviation and mean?

  3. What do you mean by min and max values? Min and max of what?

  4. “Different values are returned”…

a) different values of what?

b) how are these values being calculated (what are the queries for each)?

  1. “Documentation explaining the difference” - maybe not found because no-one
    knows what your queries / calculations / data / results are.

In summary - give us enough information to understand and potentially
replicate your situation, and we might be able to help - otherwise we can only
guess, and that helps neither you nor us.



Hi Anthony, I’m displaying my query using graph function. Select stddev(executionTime) where client =~ /client/ group by time(__interval), “action”

  1. Querying select stddev(exectionTime), mean(exectionTime) yields an unwieldy graph.

3&4. I’m the graph display there are legend options. From the legend, min, max, average, and current values are displayed. I guess that min and max are the low and high values of the data from my exectionTime input. But the two graphs display different values for the selected time range displayed.

On item 5. I’m looking for help/documentation on the graph display under the legend tab. how garafana selects min, max, average, and current values when these functions are enabled.

Atony, thanks for your time. I figured it out. The legend selects the min, max, and current as a function of the query. As I was selecting to graph Mean( “myValue”). Min was the lowest Mean(" myValue"). When I used stddev, grafana displayed the lowest stddev. I was expecting the min and max to display as a function of the raw data.