Mandatory external components for OSS Grafana OnCall

Hello all,

Our initial need was to send alerts through webhooks to an external service (statusPage). However, Grafana doesn’t allow (yet) to customize the default json payload in the body of the webhook, so the external service obviously rejects it.
While looking for an existing solution, I’ve played around with Grafana OnCall in Grafana Cloud and found you can send customize webhooks to an external service when receiving an alert! We are currently looking if the OSS version of Grafana OnCall can be deployed alongside our OSS version of OSS Grafana. However the documentation is quite unclear about production use.

There is a lot of external components referenced (redis, rabbitMQ, mysql) and I’m unable to answer to these questions by myself:

  • For our use case (using only the outgoing webhook feature), should every component being standalone?

  • Can some components can be omitted? For instance, let’s say the outgoing webhook feature only needs mysql database, I do not need to manage myself a redis instance

  • What is the purpose of the cert-manager component for Grafana OnCall?

At first glance, it seems that the provided helm in the github repository is not ready for a confident production use. Does somebody has a link to a tutorial (text or video) to deploy it correctly for a production use?

Lastly, if you think this solution is a bit overkilled for our issue, feel free to suggest other ideas. The only other idea we have at the moment is creating a proxy from scratch to convert grafana alerts json payload to status page expected payload, but it’s time consuming for us and the setup made with Grafana OnCall was quite quick to made.

Thanks all!

Not idea?