Managing two sets of variables within the same dashboard

“version”: “9.5.2”
Many dashboards use variables at the top to allow for easy comparing of metrics across devices. For instance for many of the published dashboards on there is a multi select dropdown box so you can select multiple items.

My challenge comes in when I’m trying to compare/contract network switch ports. Specifically, the switch name/ip is stored as a tag, as is the specific switch port. So in my dashboard, I have two dropdowns, one for switch name and one for switch port. Both selections are required in order to provide the desired graph. This I am doing now, and it straightforward. The tricky part is what if I want to compare and contrast two different network ports on two different switches; or more generally, N switch ports on N switches.

It’s the variable combination that creates the unique set of parameters for comparison. For example, I would like to see the in and out traffic for Switch A: Port 43, and Switch B: Port 16.

I have done some cursory research in trying to contatentate the switch tag and the port tag into a single long variable list. So instead of first selecting the switch, then selecting the port, I would select “switch-port”, however I found no clear way of doing that.

Has anyone been able to achieve such a thing, or have any ideas on how I would do such a thing? If it helps, I’m using Grafana against an Influxdb 2 backend.